DataGrid InLine Editing example

In the DataGrid InLine Editing example I click on "Add new order" and then I click on the number 2 (page 2 in the pager component) ... then I get stuck because it seems that it exits edit mode and the new line that I was supposed to fill in, no longer appears. Is there a way to avoid that?

We updated the demo to handle this case. It resets the orderToInsert and itemToInsert variables during paging, sorting and filtering.

<RadzenDataGrid ... Sort="@Reset" Page="@Reset" Filter="@Reset">
@code {
    void Reset()
        orderToInsert = null;
        orderToUpdate = null;

Not to be picky but... with that solution, I think you introduced a bug in the example, in which you can start editing a row (for example, modify the price to another value), then press the number 2 in the pager and then press "Add new order" (I believe it was previously controlled that you couln't add a new order if you were editing a row) and in doing that, the new value for the price is accepted, even though the user never clicked on the check button to commit the change.

In any case, with the idea that you recommended to catch the sort, page or filter activities I solved the problem for my use case. Thanks a lot!