Datagrid Inline Edit Problem


I used the wizard to create a page with a data grid for a table with inline edit. This basically works, but I stumbled upon a problem:

My table is called "Accounts" and it has a FK to a table called "Customers".

In the grid, I have a column "Customer" that is assigned with Accounts.CustomerId. The edit template has a dropdown box where I can select a Customer for that account.

Now, in the normal (non-edit) template, I added a hyperlink component that has as text value of "${data.Account?.Customer?.Company}" and links to a different page passing "${data.AccountId}" as Id parameter.

My problem is that when I load that page with the grid, no hyperlinks with company names are shown. However, as soon as I toggle the edit mode for one row (does not matter which one), the hyperlinks for all other rows appear. It looks like in the initial loading of the data, the columns do not get updated correctly.

Any idea what could be wrong here? The basic setup seems correct since the links are showing/working correctly after toggling edit mode in at least one row of the grid and remain in that state until iI reload the entire page with the grid.

Thanks for your help!

I was able to fix this. I had to exand also the sub tables in the get queries:

btw. for anyone using $expand to exand sub tables:

You can use this syntax:


However, make sure that there are no spaces between the commas and the table names since this will cause an error when resolving the routes by EF (could also be fixed in Radzen IDE by using the appropriate string split options! :wink: ).

We will handle this in our next update!

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