Datagrid generates onselect event for buttons in templates

I had a template column with an edit button inside a datagrid. The datagrid has an OnSelect handler. In v2.0.2, clicking in the edit button calls only the associated Click Handler.
In v2.0.4, clicking in the edit buton calls the associated Click Handler and the datagrid OnSelect handler.

We've decided to remove the internal click stopPropagation for templates because of this issue:

You can set stopPropagation for the button in the template like this:

<RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="BirthDate" Title="Birth Date">
   <Template Context="data">
    <Radzen.Blazor.RadzenButton Text="MyText" @onclick:stopPropagation="true" />

Thanks for the info Vladimir.

Is there a what's new for the new versions? It is difficult to know things like this

We will publish the changelog with next release of Radzen here:

Good to know. Thanks!