DataGrid fixed or static Grouping

Is there a way to have the DataGrid when AllowGrouping = "true" to remove the 3 vertical dots that control the dragging of columns? I understand the functionality but do not want the user to reorder any columns nor be able to add or remove any groupings.

The only column to be grouped has Groupable="true" and all others set to "false"
All columns are set to Reorderable="false"
The grid is set to have AllowColumnReorder="false"

The grid still shows the 3 horizontal dots on the columns with the buttons (template). All other columns seem to have the dots removed. I have hidden these dots using CSS but the columns can still be dragged. This can be done using JavaScript but prefer not do go that route. Can this be accomplished?
Thank you,

You can set AllowGrouping=false and add groups programmatically:

Thank you, works great.