DataGrid filter wait

I don't see a function for setting a wait when typing in the datagrid filter.
For example when I type I do not want the filter to search before I have paused for 300 milliseconds or something similar.

Is this something that will be implemented in the future?

At the moment DataGrid filtering will be executed after 500 ms. You want less?

I would like more actually. I don't know if it has to do with the speed but I noticed that while I am typing some of the characters disappears.

Can you reproduce it here?

If you write Fuller in the last namn filter really fast. It removes the two last chars for me so it only reads "Full".
And a variant of it if you write something and then you use backspace to delete it. Just keep backspace down. Then you will get first char comes back after the grid has "reloaded".

We've added FilterDelay property for all components with filtering in latest Radzen.Blazor. The default value is 500.

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I am seeing the filter text disappear too.


I have set my FilterDelay = 1. Does this have implications on performance or resources?