Datagrid Filter event


Is there an event that will trigger when he Apply button in a filter column popup is pressed.

I tried with the Render event, but this event is called several times and also I tried with the LoadData event, but when I added that event with no implementation we noticed that no rows are shown in the datagrid.

Any idea what event we can use that will fire as soon as a user clicks the apply filter.


Hey @Portal_Traker,

To use LoadData event you need to provide Count for the DataGrid:

Hi Enchev:

Thanks for the answer, however I tried the documentation but there is an error in this line:

        query = query.Where(args.Filter);

Cannot convert argument from string to bool.

How to to apply the filter to the collection.



You are missing:

@using System.Linq.Dynamic.Core

I suggest you to pull our demos from GitHub and check them carefully.

Hi Enchev:

Thanks for the demos, now is working for us. However there is something I would like to mention about the filtering in that demo (

Suppose that initially you have a grid with 20 columns (more than the visible area on the screen), and you horizontally scroll to the last column to apply a filter. But then you put a value to get no results found. When that happens there is no way to scroll back to the last column to clear that filter. The horizontal scroller disappears.

Can I do something to show the horizontal scrollbar when no results found.

Thanks for your help.