DataGrid - feature request to address data rows

Similar to properties PrevPage, CurrentPage and NextPage, couldn't we have properties PrevRow, CurrentRow and NextRow to adress rows in DataGrid dependently from their sorting order and filtering options. This would be great for e.g. scrolling through the rows by using up-down keys. Also a good feature in this context would be to have a method to get the page a data row belongs to.

Thank you.

Hi @feno.64,

The collection bound to the Data property of the DataGrid is not changed when you sort or filter - it is what you've provided initially. At the moment we do not have plans to provide grid scrolling with up/down keys.

Thank you for your answer @enchev,

but just because the bounded collection possibly has a different sorting order, how can one get the previous or next row displayed by sorting order and filtering used in DataGrid?

There is a View property for the DataGrid that can be used to get sorted and filtered data. You can check this demo where we use it to get Count():

Good Monrnuing @enchev,

I've found the View property and a PageView property, too. Booth are very useful information for me - thank you.