DATAGRID Css changed?

Hello, I customized the style.css in order to change the default font of the datagrid.
this code was working perfectly with older versions of Radzen:
.rz-datatable-data td,.rz-cell-data { font-size:30px;}

now it doesnt work anymore. I tried to override almost every style in the datagrid without success.
could you tell me what is the correct style to change the dafult font size of the datagrid. ?
best regards

In my opinion you are using the new RadzenDataGrid component however your styles are for the old legacy RadzenGrid component. Use your browser devtools to check the grid rendering and what CSS classes are used.

The situation it's exactly as you described. I am using the new RadzenDataGrid. unfortunately using the browser tools as you suggested I was unable to detect the CSS class involved. if you could write what is the exact CSS class to modify , it could be very useful as for documentation for everyone. thank you for the kind replly . L.

@cedpromedical, you can use the following CSS rule to change the font size:

.rz-grid-table td .rz-cell-data {
    font-size: 30px;