Customise security workflow

Hi Team,

Looking to tweak the security workflow, specifically the password reset process. I am wanting to add a new confirmation step that allows the user to choose their own password based on the user id and code in the querystring, and ideally - to simply log them in at that point.

I've tried several approaches and not had the expected outcomes.

When excluding security.service.ts from codegen and adding a new method, the radzen UI doesn't allow me to choose the new security method. This seemed to be the cleanest / easiest approach.

When using the ServerMethodsController, it seems that it always comes through as a GET no matter what I do, and seems that [AllowAnonymous] attribute doesn't work as expected.

Looking for best recommendation as to how to proceed. I was thinking that a custom angular component and my own custom controller might be my only option.

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Hi @Paddo,

Indeed Radzen UI will not know your security.service.ts new method however you can customize the Login page by adding custom code to login.component.ts similar to this article:

and use your custom method in Radzen UI (you have to type it manually since Radzen will unable to pick it automatically) with Execute action: