Custom Component not visible in another page

I've create a very simple page with just a couple of simple components on it (Header and Label). I then add it to another page as a custom component. It appears in the ide, but when I run it, the custom component isn't visible.


Hi @spookyCol,

Can you check your browser console and Radzen output pane for errors?

I've got no errors at all

Can you inspect the HTML using browser elements inspector to check if these components are rendered at all?

It's there but empty. I also created a new project added a page with just a title and label. Then added that page as a custom component on another (pretty clean) page. I got the same result, appeared in the ide, but when running the application, I saw nothing. I've followed the steps in the document word for word, many times, but always get the same result.

I've just tried the same and it worked normally for me:

I've done exactly the same but it doesn't work. Please see attached example. I guess I'm doing something very silly.

I get 404 when I try to access the example:

Sorry, I didn't realise it's case sensitive, please try this one.

Thanks! The problem is the underscore in the page name. Radzen will generate the actual page/component .razor file without underscore while the component is generated with underscore as defined:

We will check if we can support underscore in page names and in the meantime please avoid naming pages with underscore.

Just Tested brilliant, thanks. All makes sense now. It's important to me as well, because it'll give me reuse on the client-side (as you know). Really fantastic feature, with lot's of potential. Again, love Radzen and appreciate you great support. And the next version looks amazing. Thanks.

Just one more quick question if you don't mind, I know I can through information using attributes. But can I return information or objects out? The reason being, I want several address Custom Components. But I only want one save button for the user.

I've been testing this component for a little while. But I think I'm going to have to give up on it.

I have an address in a costum component that takes in an address if from a grid. The problem I have is that that when the row changes, I change the address id. But this isn't refelected in the custom component.

Also, I wanted to next custom components within other custom component. For example, I have an address component. Then I have another custom component that would call to embedded add custom components. One for delivery and one for billing (as this gets used a lot, but address by it's self is also used). I struggled to get this working to.

I don't know if this makes sense, but if you think I'm doing something wrong then tips, suggestions or information would be most useful thanks.

Hi @spookyCol,

I've tried custom component nested in another custom component and it worked for me:

Here is the app:

I've got custom components working perfectly and they're great. But is there a way I can return information out of them?

For example, custom component add's an order, if it successfully completes I want to hide the custom component.