CRUD no working


I am new to Radzen and I want to test it so I use Community Edition,

I connected to SQLServer Express and pages were generated
I can open app in browser.

But CRUD is not working:

I selected "CRUD" when generating the app - but no CRUD icons were created
Then I add manually "Allow edit" and "allow delete" to the Datagrid.
Now I see Icon for "Add" and "delete" ("X") on page
But when I click on "add" or "x" nothing happens... no add,no delete. No error message...just nothing happens.

Can you help me make CRUD working ?


In order for CRUD to work your table should have a primary key defined. Can you verify that this is the case? If it is Radzen should create three pages for your table - one with a DataGrid, one for editing records and one for adding.

OK, I have add primary key - now CRUD is working.
Thank you.