Create Page Object selection does not work as expected

Deselecting the object does not deselect the columns as shown below:

Indeed this is how this screen works - the properties remain checked even if the model is unchecked. No pages would be generated for unchecked models.

I apologize for not explaining the condition clearly.

When a user selects a table or view, all columns are checked by default. When the user deselects the table or view, all columns should be deselected, so that the user can select only the desired columns. This would result in a tri-state behavior.

User selects object so it opens and shows all columns:

User then deselects object and then can easily select the desired columns:

I believe at one point it was working correctly. It would really help me if you could provide a method to show all columns like in the examples I have provided.

The dialog that you show is not for tables and views but for the classes that have already been generated for them. It is not the equivalent of the tree you see in Radzen. Still the properties should uncheck when their parent is unchecked. We will implement that with the next Radzen Blazor Studio release.

I've checked the implementation and can confirm it never worked as you expect.

Build 1.17.0 While deselecting the Object now correctly deselects all associated columns, subsequent attempts to select individual columns result in all columns being selected again.


Indeed checking a property should not check all properties too. We will address that with the next release of Radzen Blazor Studio. Thanks for reporting it!