Connect data

what is the best way, to connect data from different tables in my database to one table in my radzen application?

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The easiest way will be to create view or stored procedure in your database, infer the Radzen app data source to get the new view/stored procedure and use this view/stored procedure to populate DataGrid:

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@enchev But doesn't that mean, that the changes i make with my data aren't updated in my database?

I'm afraid that I don't understand your question.

@enchev I want to build an application with which i can update the data in my database. I want that the different tables from my database become one table in the application.

To update, delete and add new records to data returned from joined tables/views/stored procedures you need to write custom code or call for example stored procedure(s) that will perform the update,add or delete.

ok thank you i will try