So I want to create a Change Password form. Pretty basic, old password, new password, confirm password. I'm trying to figure out how to run the function to do the actual confirmation. I see the Security.ConfirmPassword function in the list of available datasource methods, but when I use it I get an error "SecurityService does not contain a definition for ChangePassword..."

What is the correct way to do a change password ?

Hi kgordon,
Below is the setting as in default profile page generated by radzen

It is working for me.

Yeah thanks. I get that. The thing though is that this way of doing the form isn't the cleanest with regards to error checking. Validators don't work on this page. Any errors come back in the querystring which I then have to decipher and present to the user. They have (had?) a ConfirmPassword function but doesn't seem to work. I'd have more control over the form if I could use such a function and give a better user experience.