Close sub menu

I have a question about the panel menu. Is it possible to close a opened sub menu on opening another sub menu?
E.g. your menu on the radzen blazor components page - click on General opens general sub menu. Then click on Containers and Containers sub menu opens but General sub menu is still open too. The menu gets large - is there any way to close the previous opened menu automatically?
Thanks and regards

Hi @asto,

No, there is no way to close the opened items automatically at the moment.

Hi @korchev,
no problem - but is there a way to do it by code?
ExpandedChanged event gives the possibility to register that a menu item opened or closed.
But how can I close another menu item per code or per attribute?

Solved - @bind-Expanded attribute with bool variable and StateHasChanged() was the solution

can you expand on this, tried to do it and can't get it to work...