Chart fill property


It's a small one but, I've noticed a slight issue with the chart series Fills property when using the Radzen IDE. To reproduce:

  • Create a new page
  • Add an invoke to the page load handler to get the data for the chart into a page property
  • Drag chart onto page
  • Go into Series properties and add a new one
  • Set the series to be a Pie
  • Set the series Data property to be the page property
  • Set the series category & value properties as required
  • Close the chart series properties

At this point, the chart will display on the page and all is good.

If you now, go back into the chart series properties again and click the add button to add a Fill and then I change my mind so, click the bin to delete the added fill and close the chart series properties, I now get this displayed on screen:

It looks like the IDE is leaving an empty array in the JSON file:


This can obviously be deleted from the file manually but, it would be better if the IDE could be adjusted to handle this. I'm running Radzen 2.62.2 but, assume this is something that happens in the prior versions too.

Hi @markb,

We will investigate a possible fix for that problem.