Changing disable property programmatically


I want to change the property of a dropdown box, so that it is originally disabled when I open a form page, but when I change the value of another preceeding dropdown-box it should be enabled and also mandatory so that user is forced to enter additional data. Is this possible? I checked the documentation and the forum but did not find something similar...

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Hi Frank,

You can set Disabled to check if the selection from previous DropDown is not null. For example: Disabled="@(CustomerID != null)". You will need also required validator:

Hi Enchev,

that sounds easy. When I enter my version:

Disabled = "${arbeitsberichte.berechkz == 'Berechnung'}"

into the field "Disabled" of the control I want to disable, then I get:

Invalid expression term ',' The name 'Disabled' does not exist in the current context

I think, I got you wrong...

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It works now. I simply have to write:

${arbeitsberichte.berechkz == "Berechnung"}

and to leave Disabled =

Thanks. Life can be easy :slight_smile:

Again me.

Can I control the requiredvalidator also programmatically?