Cascading Listboxes

I hope that I am not asking too silly a question. I have two SQL Tables that already have parent\child relationship attached. I am trying to create two list boxes; one with the parent list and I am expecting that on selection of the parent it will populate the second listbox with the related child records.

Your help on this would be appreciated.

Hi @Otis ,

Should be the same as

Thanks for coming back so quickly, but i must be missing something as I am trying to follow your example on the link but it is not relating to the current version that i am running now.

For instance, step 4 says to set the page property to result.value but every time i try and do this i get
'IQueryable' does not contain a definition for 'value'.
and if i leave this out and just do $result i get
unhandled exception rendering component: 'long' does not contain a definition for 'MyColumn'

Your post is in Angular category of the forum while it seems that you are using Blazor?

If I am then i apologise, i thought i was using the angular one but this may be wrong. How do i check?

If i am using blazor, how do i do the cascade drop down?

If you have client folder in your application it is Angular.

:blush: :blush:
So sorry, definitely Blazor and also explains why it wasnt working.
Will now try and look at the blazor walkthrough for cascading listboxes