Card with rows generating unexpected error


I've just upgraded to the latest Radzen (2.80.1) and noticed that the recent changes have affected the display of some elements - cards specifically in my case. In trying to adjust the application to resolve these, I've hit a bit of a error which I've managed to reproduce with an new empty project for ease of replication:

  1. Create a new Blazor Server application using .net 6 and the default theme;
  2. Add a new page;
  3. Drop a card onto the new page;
  4. Add a row inside the card.

When you do this and look at the Style propoerties of the row, everything is blanked out:

If I then put in a width or height (e.g. 100px) and then clear that value using the "x" button in the properies pane, Radzen throws an error:

It's not a show stopper as I will just revert to the original version I was using but, thought I'd mention it.

Thanks @markb! Already fixed and we will do our best to release fix soon!