Cannot update SharePoint list item column data

Hello Radzen team,

Using the Radzen MS Graph API I am not able to update the value of column data in a Sharepoint list item.

I can read the data by expanding 'fields' when getting a sharepoint list item.

Microsoft's documentation shows the request required to do this, shown below, but I am not able to achieve this with the Radzen api interface.


Tried using updateSitesListsItems method. I see no way to include the required 'fields' syntax. but maybe I'm missing something.

can you provide some insight or guidance?


Hi @Michael,

Radzen should have generated a method called putSitesListsItemsFields which sounds similar to what you are after.



I tried the put method. but I receive an error

message: "The type oneDrive.fieldValueSet does not support HTTP PUT method."

Using Microsoft's Graph explorer I received the same error using the PUT method.

If I use the Patch Method using Microsoft's Graph explorer the command is successful.


HI @michael,

Try this build, we've added patch method as well.

I installed the new build 2.18.9.rc.0 but not sure where to go from here.

How do I access the patch method for fields?

I was expecting to find something like updateSitesListsItemsFields similar to putSitesListsItemsFields but I don't see that.

what method do I use?


When you reinfer the datasource you should have patchSitesListsItemsFields method.


I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I am not seeing it.

I re-inferred the msgraph data source. I deleted it and rebuilt it. I even created a new app from with only the msGraph data source.

no joy.

I see putSitesListsItemsFields but no Patch... or Update...


Hi @michael,

I’ll double check and I’ll post here update.

Hi @michael,

My mistake - fixed now! We will release new version of Radzen later today.

ok, thanks

again, great response time. much appreciated.


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