Cannot generate page


I have a db with the following which i'd like to generate a master/detail datagrid

When i go to generate the page, this table/page schema does not come up in the list, is there any explanation for this? This table is added from the inferred schema.


Hi @xarion,

To generate master/detail you need two tables with one to many relationship not just a single table.

Hello @enchev

I am still struggling to generate the master/detail page with what I need. I have an asset table, notes and incident tables. The inferred table structure of both indcident_history and notes_history are identical . (just referencing the respective lookup tables above them) Inferred data below:


However when I create a Master/Detail page it creates them differently ...

Notes Add page

Incident Add page created like this:

The main difference being that the incident is requiring an Asset, which doesn't make sense because I've selected it above in the master datagrid.

The adding of incident page also doesn't provide the drop list of the IndicentTypes, as expected.

  1. Why why would the adding of incident page ask for the asset which I would have selected in the master
  2. Why does the drop list for the incident types not get generated in the same way adding of notes_history did (correctly)



There are probably differences (mainly missing or different FOREIGN KEY constraints) between those tables and that's why Radzen generates different pages for them. You can compare the SQL definition of those tables and look for differences.