Cannot Add Event.Filter

I get an error and the code disappears when I type the . after event
This is the message.

Hi @jamieabraham10,

Which component / event are you using? We will need that info in order to reproduce the problem.

I'm adding ${event.filter} to the invoke data source method

What event are you handling?

Trying to maintain the current applied filter to the invoke data source method.

Not sure what this means. Can you send a screenshot of Radzen? Or even better - tell me what component and what event are you handling with the Invoke data source method.

I am retrieving data from a sql data source. I'm trying to create drop down filters to the data grid where the data is displayed, i am following your outline as follows:

When i enter ${event.filter} it doesn't just not work. I type ${event and when i hit the . i the line disappears, and popped under, I get the message as attached in the initial post indicating issues with renderer.js
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Radzen completely, but nothing fixes.

Hi @jamieabraham10,

Sorry for the confusion! The "Note that there already is a "RAW" filter which is ${event.filter}. This combines the DataGrid filter with the additional one." part is related to Angular and I've removed it.

In Blazor filter combining is automatic since the grid is using IQueryable - no need of anything extra:

We will check why the designer is crashing with this invalid code.

Perfect. Thank you very much.