Can you please denote code generated files by file name

For example this tool generates controllers and then puts them in the /Controllers folder with names like UserController.cs. While they carry the partial keyword, the naming of the files and the placement in the folder structure makes it difficult for users to actually extend.

Please use the convention of using the extension ".g.cs" for any csharp code generated files. This would allow us to define the rest of the partial UserController class in the place where everyone is going to be looking for it, and not in some other folder.

Generated code should not be in the forefront of any codebase, because its not something to be maintained, only regenerated.

Hi @StingyJack,

Indeed Radzen puts controllers in the Controllers directory because it is a common place for controllers to be. Maybe suffixing all files with *.g.cs would have been a great idea but I am afraid it is too late for us to change that (also kind of a breaking change).

I'm not sure I understand how this would be breaking anything. I can rename files in the project like this and not worry about compilation problems. The generator in the Radzen tool would need an update to use the new destinations, and that's what is the ask here.

The breaking change is that all existing files have to be renamed. I remind you that Radzen generates a lot more than just controllers - models, EF contexts, Startup.cs etc. Renaming all of them to *.g.cs could lead to problems. The code generation ignore list is one of them - files that are in it will no longer be after such a rename.