Can not find Radzen.adjustDataGridHeader


Using Razen for the first, it looks great but I can not get it to work, because of the error:
Microsoft.JSInterop.JSException: Could not find 'Radzen.adjustDataGridHeader' ('Radzen' was undefined).

I checked all the necesarry steps and I can't figure it out:

Microsoft.JSInterop.JSException: Could not find 'Radzen.adjustDataGridHeader' ('Radzen' was undefined).
Error: Could not find 'Radzen.adjustDataGridHeader' ('Radzen' was undefined).
at https: localhost _framework/blazor.server.js:1:67388
at Array.forEach ()
at e.findFunction (https : localhost:44386 _framework/blazor.server.js:1:67348)
at b (https : localhost:44386 framework/blazor.server.js:1:69090)
at https : localhost:44386 framework/blazor.server.js:1:70036
at new Promise ()
at e.beginInvokeJSFromDotNet (https : localhost:44386 _framework/blazor.server.js:1:70009)
at https : localhost:44386 framework/blazor.server.js:1:26293
at Array.forEach ()
at e.invokeClientMethod (https : localhost:44386 _framework/blazor.server.js:1:26263)
at Microsoft.JSInterop.JSRuntime.InvokeAsync[TValue](Int64 targetInstanceId, String identifier, Object[] args)
at Microsoft.JSInterop.JSRuntimeExtensions.InvokeVoidAsync(IJSRuntime jsRuntime, String identifier, Object[] args)
at Radzen.Blazor.RadzenGrid`1.OnAfterRenderAsync(Boolean firstRender)
at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.RenderTree.Renderer.GetErrorHandledTask(Task taskToHandle)

Hi @Frans_Zwijnenburg,

You need to clear your browser cache as your browser seems to be using an older version of the Radzen JS file.

Hi Korchev,
Thanks for the fast reply. I use version 2.17.4 of the NuGet package and I cleared the cache. The issue is still the same.

It was a type error :frowning:

Can I also suggest you check your _Host.cshtml file.

I actually encountered a very similar issue at first, I was 100% sure I'd followed the instructions, but when I went back and checked I had forgotten to include the JS file in my host file just after the blazor server js script tag.