Can I use DataFilter to filter data hiearchically?

Can I use DataFilter to filter items hiearchically? And if it is possible, how can I do that?
Any sample or advice would very helpful. Thx for answer in advance.

Not sure I understand this - any additional info? For example self-referenced DataGrid View will actually represent hierarchical data in flat collection that can be used together with DataFilter.

I have several nested collections and I need to rearrange them to hierarchy.

say I have a collection of classes called Person, and among other properties, each item of the collection / instance of the class Person
has a property of type List and I want to be able to filter the items of the Person collection not only by
individual properties of the Person class, but also by property(s) in nested Contact class collection (for example by email).

Can I do it with DataFilter? As I wrote any example would be very helpful. thx.

i have made extension of QueryableExtension. hope do you do not mind.. when i searched through ur source code.. u got extension of where method. u use dynamic linq core as i do.. u ve got got something like i ll copy it

if (innerFilterExpressions.Any())
filterExpressions.Add("(" + string.Join($" {filter.LogicalFilterOperator.ToString().ToLower()} ", innerFilterExpressions) + ")");

how can i access it..

cuz I need something like this
//var pokus3 = pokus.AsQueryable().Where("TestSubClassList.Any(Id = 6)");

if its on MIT licence can I changed it for my purpose?

i am no thief of something like that..

i would add one property to ur dataFilter