Calendar fires LoadData over and over


my calendar is setup as simple as it could be but it fires the LoadData without stop in the interval of few milliseconds.


The request does not change at all and the data stays the same as well.

Could you please help me?
Radzen: 2.17.1

Confirmed! We will do our best to provide fix as soon as possible!

It's just compiled ts code but I found the problem:

    SchedulerComponent.prototype.onViewRender = function (e) {
        var _this = this;
        setTimeout(function () {
                start: moment_1.toMoment(e.view.activeStart, _this.calendar).format(),
                end: moment_1.toMoment(e.view.activeEnd, _this.calendar).format()

... where setTimeout is calling the loadData callback.

Could you give me an ETA on the patch? Thank you very much.

We will do our best to publish fix later today or tomorrow.

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Radzen 2.17.2 was just released!

Yes, I just saw it :slight_smile:
But sadly the download button triggers the version download of 2.17.1 , not 2.17.2

It should be ok now!

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thank you very much!