Bug: RadzenDropDown unchecks items but shows them in TextProperty

Hello Radzen community,

i am having issues with a Bug in RadzenDropDown. I will try to explain my bug in small screenshots.

I choose what do i need in DropDown and after i filtered and changed something in list ( i dont touch RazdenDropBox) i get following bug:

When i click the same item again, i get double value:

When i uncheck value is still there

My text property is string and TValue is List of complex objects (Model)

Kind regards,

Hi @mixsaw_kfg,

We cannot determine what’s going on by looking at screenshots. Check our forum FAQ on how to improve your question.


its a little bit specific. Fortunately i have already found a workaround.

Problem was because @bind-Value was a List.
When i used List as bind-Value and TValue, than DropDown is working as it should.

Thanks for replying to me question enchev !

Kind regards and keep up the good work,