Bug in RadzenGrid footer demo

See here:

"Displayed orders: 830 of 830"

That's not correct, and doesn't change when you move to a different page.
Change the footer template from:
Displayed orders: <b>@ordersGrid.View.Count()</b> of <b>@orders.Count()</b>
Displayed orders: <b>@(ordersGrid.PageSize * ordersGrid.CurrentPage + 1) - @((ordersGrid.PageSize * ordersGrid.CurrentPage) + ordersGrid.PagedView.Count()) </b> of <b>@ordersGrid.Count</b>

It will be changed when you filter:

Ahh, I understand. It's not the displayed orders (as in, what is displayed onscreen right now), it's the number of records matching the filter criteria out of the total number of records.

So maybe the bug is in the choice of the word 'Displayed', since that doesn't really describe the functionality...