Bug in line chart

The line chart component crashes when changing LineType on the go from solid to something else and then changing back to solid. It also crashes when changing it to dashed or dotted, then changing it to something else, and changing back to dashed or dotted. This happens both when binding a combo box or select bar to the variable, and when changing the LineType in the code, so it appears a bug in the line chart code.

Anyway, thanks for a great component library!

Hi @ipe,

This is an error in the Blazor implementation dealing with DOM updates.

Unhandled exception rendering component: Error: Cannot remove attribute from non-element child
System.InvalidOperationException: Error: Cannot remove attribute from non-element child
   at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.RenderTree.Renderer.InvokeRenderCompletedCallsAfterUpdateDisplayTask(Task updateDisplayTask, Int32[] updatedComponents)

We have encountered similar errors in the past and will probably find a workaround. Thanks for reporting it!