Browser Issues

I have an SSRS Report page that is having issues with Chrome but works in IE. It is a simple page with an SSRS report component that takes 1 paramenter (ID) and returns a printable form for a record. The error that Chrome dev tools gives is related to a route issue. I have also attached a screenshot from the app.route.ts file that shows the route does exist.



Is that page by any chance in the Navigation? If yes - this is probably the problem. Page parameters are not optional and cannot be missing. You can try excluding that page from the application navigation from the Properties page context menu option.

No it is not in the navigation. It can only be accessed through a "Print Form" button on another page because of the parameter requirement. I can see that it is passing the ID as the parameter in both Chrome and IE as it is shown in the URL.

Does the error happen if you remove the report viewer component from that page? We are trying to determine if the report viewer is somehow causing this issue or not. Also does this happen in production or development (localhost)?

  1. I do still get this error even when the Report Viewer Component is not on the page.

  2. This happens in production. I do not have a development SSRS server with my reports installed on my laptop.

  3. I am using localhost in the URL since I am using the proxy and SSRS is hosted on the same server that my IIS instance is on. This is separate from my SQL server though.

Does this work if you open the page in a dialog instead of navigating to it? Also when does this error appear - during initial application load or during user action that causes the navigation? We have seen this error when there is an <img> or <iframe> with empty src attribute - or when navigating to the route without all required parameters.

In any case you can zip your project and send it over to Make sure the server\obj and client\node_modules directories are not included in the ZIP file otherwise it will not meet the size restrictions of our email server.

I sent the email but the file size was still to large for me to send (27MB) so I attached a Google Drive link. Let me know if you have any issues getting it.

Thanks for all the help.


Indeed, the server\bin directory contained all .NET Core dll references which add up to the file size. Anyway we got the file and will see what is going on.

I think the service worker that the Radzen application registers could be the culprit (hence there is no issue in IE as it doesn't support service workers). Could you try clearing the site data for that application:

Although I cannot run your application without heavy modifications (don't have your database) I was able to add a link to the ssrsreport page in the Login page. Then I saw that error. However as soon as the site cache was cleaned the error disappeared.

So that is what is happening. I can reproduce it exactly. The problem is clearing fixes it for 1 reload. I get the error, clear the site data, and hit refresh and it works. Then I hit refresh again and the error returns and is broke until I clear it again. Any thoughts now?


The error disappeared completely at my side after cleaning the cache. I suspect something else is related as well which I cannot reproduce locally. By the way does disabling the report proxy make any difference? I mean unchecking the UseProxy property of the Report Viewer component.

In order to troubleshoot further we would need access to your production deployment. One way to do that is via the ngrok tool. It allows you to create a public URL of your local machine and share the URL with us over email. The other option is to send us SQL create script of your database (and data) as well as the report definition so we can try recreate the same environment.

Hi Josh,

We've just released Radzen 2.10.1 with fix for this issue. Service worker will no longer track SSRSViewer proxy urls.

Best Regards,

That fixed the SSRS issue of being able to execute my reports in Chrome. Thank You.

The last browser issue seems to be that IE is ignoring the height that I specified for the SSRS Report control. I set a static 600px size and it still shows a tiny sliver (possibly the default calculated value). Chrome and Firefox works fine.