Browser error Expression Changed After It Has Been CheckedError

Hi Radzen Team,

We are trying to utilise a datagrid populated via a Microsoft SQL view in conjunction with Add and Edit dialogs that updates the SQL data table direct within a very simplified test app.

Although it works the browser developer console shows an error if we attempt to refresh the grid. If we add identical code to a button on the datagrid page and manually refresh no error is generated.
I have attached a ZIP containing more info
More Info (223.3 KB)
Any ideas how to overcome this error ?

Hi @mumfie,

I've checked your code and I've noticed that you are executing this.load(). If you want to reload the grid you can execute this.grid0.load() like we do in our auto-generated pages:

Hi @enchev ,
Thanks for checking the code.
It was originally coded as this.grid0.load() .
Both methods refresh the grid correctly but both generate an identical browser console error.
I have attached a ZIP containing the SQL script with sample data and the Radzen meta folder in the hope you can reproduce the error.
I suspect its not related to the SQL view but have not tested. (37.7 KB)

Hi @enchev,
As an experiment, I modified the generated pages for Task Activity Type to use the same method but without using a sql view.
That also generates the same error.
ERROR Error: ExpressionChangedAfterItHasBeenCheckedError: Expression has changed after it was checked. Previous value: 'paginator: false'. Current value: 'paginator: true'.

Try this instead: setTimeout(()=> {this.grid0.load();}, 0), it worked for me in your app:

Hi @enchev,
Yes. That works great.
Thanks for investigating the issue and finding a solution.