Blazor Slider Max

Hi this might be a minor bug in the slider control. I'm using it to control F degrees from 0 to 212 (freezing to boiling). Originally I had it like this:

<RadzenSlider @bind-Value="sliderVal" TValue="float" Min="0" Max="212" Change="@((args) => Change(args))" Style="margin-bottom: 20px;"  />

but with Max greater than 100 it does some strange drawing effects like you can move the slider past the right edge of the component. so i changed Max back to 100 and that solved the drawing issue. i just multiply the value by 2.12 before i use it so no big deal. but i bet you guys can support larger Max values and fix the drawing eh?



Thanks for the report @ileff! We will do our best to provide fix with next update.

thanks vlad!

another odd thing is if you drag the slider past the max value it loops back around to the min value. if you drag further left below the minimum value it resets to the starting value.

it would be nice to have an option that the slider would just stop at the edges.

you can try out my test app here:


Try the latest Radzen.Blazor, the problem should be fixed.

The max value is working great now thanks for quick fix!

It still does some odd things if you drag the slider past the min/max but I can live with that.

Have a great weekend,