Blazor Grid Resize a Column

As i have read it is not possible at the moment to resize the columns in a grid.
When/if you add such a feature, would be totally complete the cool grid implementation of yours.

FYI: You can indeed resize columns at runtime by binding the width like so:

<RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="LastName" Title="Last Name" Width="@(ColWidth)" />


What's not yet implemented in the component is the ability to drag the column header to change width.


Hello Josh,
Thanks, your components are great!
But it´s indeed the ability to drag which i would like to see in a future implementation.

Thanks for your reply. I agree that would be a nice enhancement.
PS..They're not my components.
Take Care.

PS..They're not my components.
Aren´t we all part of a component :slight_smile:

I suppose. But to be clear the really great developers of the really great Radzen components are @korchev and @enchev

Hi there.I just want to know that daging the column header is still impossible for radzen?

i dont know i am not working for radzen and do not use their components at the moment