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I would like to keep the RadzenGrid cell CCA_Valor, red when the value is negative and in the default when> = 0.

Hi @PrTech,

Please check this demo. It shows how to set the cell display conditionally. The source is here.


muito obrigado!

Hello team, I have a similar situation but I cannot access to see that demo. Do you know where can I find it?

I have updated my reply to link the latest source.

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Thanks a lot for you response.

Only one more question... do you know if is there some issue with the web? Iยดm asking you because since yesterday Iยดm trying to access to... (for example):


And I cannot do it. I can see your logo (Charging) but never finish to do it.

Thanks again.

Try hard refreshing your browser to clear any stale cache.

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Working, thanks again.