Blazor data grid batch / cel / row edit mode


I want tio know, if there are plans to add multi row / multi cell batch edit mode to the data grid.
Like other blazor components available.

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Hi @juergen,

No, this is not in our immediate plans.

Thanks for the info Atanas,
maybe a workaround would solve this:
Is it possible to put the whole grid in an edit mode, not only one line / cell?

Should be possible. Try invoking the EditRow method with all data items that belong to the current page. You can get them from the View property of the RadzenGrid (you need to get a reference to it first). Here is how this is done:

<RadzenGrid @ref=myGrid TItem="MyItem"/>
@code {
RadzenGrid<MyItem> myGrid;

Nice, I'll try this...

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