Blazor CRM Demo


Are there any plans to update the CRM tutorial/demo for Blazor, or is Blazor still considered too immature? We are currently evaluating Radzen and would much prefer to work with Blazor but have experienced a much more stable experience when working with Angular (e.g. we ran into this same issue - RadzenCrm Demo).

In general, much kudos to the Radzen team. It’s a very impressive product.



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Yes, we do plan to update the CRM tutorial (probably add a brand new Blazor version). This will happen after Blazor goes official with .NET Core 3.0.

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Thank you, we look forward to it.

Any ETA when we can get this?
now that its been a while .Net Core 3.0 is out

We are close to ready with the CRM tutorial. We will release it this week.

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Just published!

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