Blazor Checkbox Labels Do Not Appear to Work

I am attempting to use the CheckBoxes demonstrated here:

blazor - radzen - com / checkbox

(I was not able to post the full URL due to a limitation of this forum software, unfortunately :cry::sob:)

But it appears that when I click on the labels/text for the checkboxes (e.g. CheckBox1, TriState) the checkbox does not update as expected. I have to check the boxes directly to update them. Is this a known issue, perhaps? My understanding is that if a label is provided for a checkbox, clicking on the label will act like one has clicked the checkbox directly.

Thank you for any insight/suggestions you can provide. :+1:

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You are right, at the moment this is not supported. We will check if we can make it work in some of the next versions.


Great, thank you @enchev and team!

i upvote for this fix, Thank you.


Is there an ETA on when this will be fixed?

I could use this feature as well