Blank Screen when clicking properties

I'm clicking on the properties option of the right click menu for one of the auto generated pages and all I get is a blank screen.

I have to then close Radzen and then reopen. I am unable to access properties. I am trying to follow the steps in your tutorial.

Set page permissions

We would now allow only the members of the Sales Manager role to create new users and roles as well as opportunity statuses, task types and task statuses.

  1. Go back to Radzen and stop the running application.
  2. Right click the Add Application User page and choose Properties from the context menu.
  3. Clear the existing Access and select only Sales Manager . This will make the Add Application User page available only to members of the Sales Manager role.

I've reset the PC and restarted and noticed it does the same when adding a new page. It shows the dialog for page type, I choose blank and then it does the same and needs to be closed.

It will be fixed in the upcoming build later today.