Autocomplete selected value is not correct

Dear Radzen Team,

How can I take out the selected suggestion by the user of RadzenAutoComplete component, please. As I see it can be done because it works on demo page.

<RadzenAutoComplete Value=@partnerTitle Data=@customPartnersData TextProperty="Title" LoadData=@OnLoadPartnerData Change=@OnAutocompleteChange Style="width: 100%;" />

  protected IEnumerable<PartnerDto> customPartnersData;
  protected string partnerTitle;
  protected async Task OnLoadPartnerData(LoadDataArgs args)
      customPartnersData = await OptionsHttpRepository.GetPartnerDtoList(args.Filter);
      await InvokeAsync(StateHasChanged);
  void OnAutocompleteChange(dynamic value)
      var partnerDto = customPartnersData.Where(x => x.Title.Equals(partnerTitle)).FirstOrDefault();
      AssetMovementCreateDto.PartnerId = partnerDto.Id;
      AssetMovementCreateDto.PartnerDto = partnerDto;

Unfortunately, value and partnerTitle contain only the text what user has written into the control.

You can use @bind-Value and check partnerTitle.

I tried it: @bind-Value=@partnerTitle but partnerTitle contains just that fraction of the partner title what I write in the text box in the OnAutocompleteChange event handler.

It is interesting when I choose the suggestion in second times it works fine, partnerTitle contains the whole partner title.

OK, it was my fault because I tried to examine the value of partnerTitle with breakepoint debugging and so it is stuck the program flow so the value was not load into the variable.
Thanks for your response.