Auto select first row in DataGrid not trigger RowSelect parameter since 3.1.0


I need to update Radzen to a higher version and it messed up my datagrids functioning.
I have pretty complex cascading logics based on the auto selected first row but it's working buggy since 3.1.0 and I don't know a logic is changed so I should adapt to it or just a bug occurred.

Old behaviour (< 3.1.0 Radzen version):

  • I selected the DataGrid first row by change the Value property in code behind
  • The Value property set then triggered the RowSelect property where I put the cascading logics

New behaviour (>= 3.1.0 Radzen version):

  • If I select the DataGrid first row by change the Value property then the GUI actually selects the first row but doesn't trigger RowSelect property.

So I should now manually trigger the RowSelect function after the Value property changes or it's just a bug? Thank you for the answer.

Hi @Balazs_Mihok ,

Indeed, RowSelect was raised on Value set and we've decided that this is not correct. The event now will be raised only if the row is selected using the mouse.

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