Authenticate with lightswitch account (no AD)

Hi, we have several lightswitch applications that share users. Due to legacy, we have to use users in these applications to communicate with new ones. Is there any way to use another authentication method in radzen? For example, the Framework and not Core. Or bypass user authentication by validating on another system? Generating new token?

Thank you.

This article might help you:

We can't migrate wehave to use the other's users with their passwords.We had already considered this method, but passwords are not migrated, and the client does not want two authentication systems. he wants to use the old Lightswitch.

Our idea was to update users and passwords, but the sql script does not migrate a password (which makes sense)

Thank you.

You can check this demo then. It shows how to use entirely custom security. You can combine it with the code from the linked help article and connect to the existing user management tables from LightSwitch.