Add tooltip to CellRender event for DataGrid => build error

I selected a DataGrid and added a CellRender event. I added a tooltip action with arbitrary text. The IDE added this code to the .razor.designer.cs (I know this will add the tooltip to every cell but I can add conditions later):

protected async void Grid0CellRender(DataGridCellRenderEventArgs<Tessa3Test.Models.FisData.TblBagType> args)
  TooltipService.Open(args, $"arbitrary text");

This gives a build error due to the use of "args" as the first argument to TooltipService.Open:
Error CS1503 Argument 1: cannot convert from 'Radzen.DataGridCellRenderEventArgs<Tessa3Test.Models.FisData.TblBagType>' to 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.ElementReference'

Is this a bug?

Hi @jeremygerbil,

This definitely looks like a bug in our code generation. It will be fixed in our next update early next week.

Hi @jeremygerbil ,

This problem seems to be more complex than I thought initially. At the moment DataGrid cells (and rows) will not inherit from RadzenComponent and Current Element cannot be used to show tooltip using CellRender/RowRender events. We will think on how to implement this in the future and in the meantime the only option I can offer you is to use regular browser tooltip with title attribute for the cell. For example: