Add new master/detail page - the new page does not appear in Radzen

if I add a new empty page then I can give the page a name, include it on navigation and the page is shown.

But when I a new Master/Detail page then I can not see this new master/details page in Radzen
How can I use a Master/Detail page after I created it ?

Naming Master/Detail pages is automatic. The main page will be named after master table and it will be included in navigation. The Add/Edit pages are named simlar to CRUD template and will not be included in navigation.

Maybe it would be better to ask for a new name for the page that will be created... or ar least give a warning if a page with same name already exists.

Has there been a solution to this, I'm having the same problem.I don't want to delete the original page to add a master detail page from the same Schema.


Noticed this as well but what I found if I change my old pages name "_old" in the page properties I would would be able to generate the new master detail page without any more problems.