Accessing site from remote computer

I'm a new user investigating Radzen. I've installed in on a remote Ubuntu box on my local network and I can remote VNC into the box and run Radzen and see the resulting site with the local browser. If I try to view the site from a second monitor on my Windows machine, I see the page but it shows an hour-glass indication that data is being loaded. The data never loads.

I have ports 8000 and 5000 open on the Ubuntu server. I would like to be able to view the site from my second monitor during development. In the Output window it show "Now listening on: http://[::]:5000" and "Angular Live Development Server listening on".

Any ideas?

Hi @tlanier,

Indeed in this case the HTTP requests will continue to expect localhost.

Here is how to avoid that:

  1. Add the client/src/app/environments/environment.ts file to Radzen's code generation ignore list
  2. Open the same file in a text editor and replace localhost with the IP address or domain of your Ubuntu server.
  3. Rebuild the application with Radzen.

This should fix the problem that you are observing.