31/08/2020 Missing

The inline calendar of the datepicker don't show the 31/08/2020.

Seems to work fine in our online demo:

Does that link work ok for you?

Yes, the link works ...

The problem is when I indicate the Italian language as a culture. With English everything ok.


Also in French culture don't work.

Fix will be released later today.

Thanks for your work!

Hey @MrATM,

This is definitely a bug when you select date not from current month. It will be fixed immediately.

It may be "when you select the last day of the preceding month in the current month view" ...not all the days of the preceding month because when you select 29 of the preceding month, it works fine

@MrATM the fix was published.

I raise this as a bug.
Go to the datepicker test page and refresh with an F5

Select 08/31/2032 (The year is arbitrary - I'm fed up with 2020!)
Open the calendar. The Caption says "August", but the weeks of September are displayed.

Thanks and best regards

Here is what I see:

At the moment this is how the DatePicker works. If you select a day in the beginning of the month the rest of the days till the end of the month will be from the same month. If you select a day in the end of the month the rest of the days will be from the next month.

..and I think that's confusing. Looking at your screen shot as a user would... I want the 25th August. The calendar says "August" in the caption; I see the digits "25"; I click on the 25 and end up with September 25th. I wanted August the 25th!

What do you think?


You are right, it’s definitely confusing. We will do our best to provide fix in the next update.