2 instances yield non-existing update

-open a second instance
-after ... uhm ... let's say 10 minutes the second instance comes up with a yellow message box "A new Radzen version ...." but in reality there is no new version: so this looks like a bug, I hope you can reproduce it. The problem with this is: as soon as I close the second instance with the yellow notification the "update" will start, actually the radzen setup will start, without a window, only visible in the task-manager. And this setup-process will stay, until you kill it through the task-manager

So there are more undesireable situations here:

-an update being shown where there is none
-the update process will start without hitting the "Quit and install" button in the yellow messagebox (the process should only start if you really push that button, if you just close the whole radzen window there should be no update-process, this should be done the next time you start a fresh radzen process without another one already being open)
-the setup process hanging in the taskmanager until the end of time (that's an assumption, i didn't test it for more than 5 minutes) - not doing something useful

We will try to prevent the second instance from checking for updates.

The problem got worse, the second instance still shows an intro which isn't really a problem.
But now, both instances want to install a non-existing update. After closing both windows (very fast) only one installer starts, with the same result as before: no window, no progress.

BTW: how can I distinguish between a non-existing update and a real one? Where can I find a history or release-dates?

Radzen shows this dialog only if there is an update. Why do you think the update doesn't exist? We released an update yesterday which is why this dialog appears. The changelog is here.

You are right, I can not reproduce the previous 'non-existing-update' anymore.
After closing both instances I had a hanging setup process like described in my first post (my solution was to kill it and download the full installer again).

Since you seemed to have solved the problem in another way then planned (prevent the second instance from checking ...) is there now a possibility to deny an update? Does the popup- or the window-close button prevent the setup from starting? It could not when I first posted about this issue, but maybe this changed too (didn't test it again)?

If you click the close button in this dialog Radzen should not run the installation. The new version is still downloaded though and the update will be installed the next time the application is started. We don't have control over that as it is the default Electron AutoUpdater implementation.