2 dropdownDatagrids influcene each other with filter settings


I have a Add-Page called "Add item"

On this page there are 2 DropdownDatagrids (generated using infer schema)

Both dropdownDatagrids refer to the same table "items" (using Foreigen key "ItemNumber")

DropdownDatagrid#1 is for selecting a "currentItemNumber"

DropdownDatagrid#2 is for selecting a "newItemNumber"

My problem is that when I filter in DropdownDatagrid#1 then this same filter is used in DropdownDatagrid#2

And I can not change that filter in DropdownDatagrid#2… the filter remains the same as it was set for DropdownDatagrid#1.

(I see this in Edit and Add Pages… I have convert the page to template and what I see is that in DropdownDatagrid#1 has code in LoadData event but In DropdownDatagrid#2 has no code in events.)

How could I use 2 DropdownDatagrids so that they dont influence with their filtersettings ?

Hi @Heinz,

Indeed for performance reasons both DropdownDatagrids are bound to same page property and the request is cached by entity type. There is no way to separate them at the moment.

Best Regards,

Well, I dont understand what performance impact it would have, but if it is possible to add 2 DropdownGrids to a page and bind them to the same table using infer schema, then I think these 2 DropdownGrids should work independently from each other (so in my case, separate filter settings)

I've made for you an example app to show you how to have two independent DropDownDataGrids requesting the same table:

We've fixed also the scenario with two foreign keys to the same table and in the upcoming release DropDownDataGrids requesting same table for different properties will not share settings for page size, count, result, etc. when auto-generating pages during data source infer.

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Thank you, exactly why I needed