2.19.8 mismatch Angular version

I keep getting the package version mismatch, after deleting the client/node_modules folder. I Uninstalled Reinstalled Radzen when running the program it right to code generation failed. I tried both options

  • delete the client\node_modules directory or
  • install the latest version by running
    npm install --save @radzen/angular@2.19.8

After working on it, the client/node_modules folder was in the file structure but not VS Solution. I added it to the solution, and it builds fine in Visual Studio. still no luck in Radzen. Also there is a additional node_module folder in the solution folder.



To save time Radzen will copy all needed node_modules during installation in Program Files/Radzen and will create symlink to that folder when you run application from Radzen. When you stop the app, the symlink will be removed. When you run the application from Visual Studio npm install will be executed and you will have separate node_modules folder for each app - this is slow and might cause problems if some of the modules is outdated. When local node_modules is present Radzen will warn when you attempt to run the application.

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So what do I need to do to get Radzen to work.


If you do not have any special reason to run the application from Visual Studio you can use Radzen to to run it. In this case you will not have local node_modules and and Radzen will not display the warning.

I'm trying to run from Radzen but I keep getting the error.

I got it working, The VS was on the wrong Version.


You can delete client/node_modules folder