1.9.2 bug after running multi-tenant security

Thanks for your report - we will update our templates for the next update. In the meantime you can simply remove this line.

When do you think that might be? full 2 weeks?

I'll have to fix every time I re scaffold/ re run security...

Thank you

We release usually every week.

it's been spacing out past every week, but ok.

do we keep downloads of prior versions go I can go back to 1.9.1?

All previous versions are available as usual in our changelog:

You can turn off auto updates.

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Why do you rescaffold/rerun security? This is usually done once per application.

I installed 1.9.1 hoping to go back to the way things were prior to installing 1.9.2

It still modifies the files when I re-run security. Does that make sense to you? How does the new template work? It seems like the new/latest template is being used even though I reverted to version 1.9.1? I did a complete uninstall and then reinstalled 1.9.1, same result.

It's ok, I just went back to 1.9.2 and commented out the line that causes the build to fail like you suggested. I'm just asking so I can learn more about how it works and just to let you know.

I re-scaffold/re-run security for a few reasons

--if my database changes, I need to do it, I will generally just re-scaffold the whole application, I know which files I have customized, so I only commit to source control things that make sense to do so.

--I re-run security after each re-scaffolding because I have to because of the issue in my other thread (SecurityService being deleted when I re-scaffold)

--when new versions come out, I re-scaffold to get the latest changes and also to see if anything in the new version causes any issues (like I found today). How else would you get the latest changes? For example, the scaffolding used to use a lot of div tags before they were replaced with some of the newer tags, I don't recall exactly, but maybe the RadzenRow tag for example.

I think this is good practice, it keeps me 'ahead of the game' such that if I run into issues later, I can have a better idea what caused it. Not sure if this is the 'best' way or if I am making sense, but it is what I have come up that works best for me.

Because of prior surprises with new versions, today when I saw 1.9.2 was available:

--I made sure I had no code pending changes (through Visual Studio using Git)
--I re-scaffolded and re-ran security to make sure that the changes generated were what I expected, then I just 'Undo Changes'.
--now that I knew the current situation, I installed 1.9.2 and re-scaffolded and re-ran security and looked at the generated changes. There were a few changes caused by 1.9.2 which makes sense because it's the latest version, I would have just taken the changes at face value, but when it didn't build, I reported the bug, made the temporary fix etc.


This is what all my requests are for, to be able to re-scaffold as efficiently as possible: formatting to match visual studio, different default scaffolding values, being able to store all values from the prior scaffolding, etc.

all fixed with 1.9.3, thank you